Case Studies

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Discover the Power of Synerise Use Cases
Synerise has equipped YES with the tools and strategies needed to better manage the customer experience while significantly improving the daily work of the marketing department by providing a unified interface for their activities.
Accurate prediction of trends for the retail industry, quick implementation of innovative solutions and precision in constructing unusual purchasing experiences allowed to gain the trust of their customers on a global scale. focused on extensive omnichannel campaigns aimed at clients during this project. The purpose was to both activate previous customers and to extend contact with regular shoppers via additional channels: email, sms & web push and to encourage account registration in the store.
Synerise helps mBank gather and analyze data in real-time and based on it, create a hyper-personalized customer experience. Combining the mBank data from different touchpoints, Synerise gives the possibility to develop integrated and personalized communication.
Together with Synerise, AZA Group has created a laboratory for the management and analysis of data streams, so that no important insight on customer behavior is left out. The analysis and continuous iteration of various aspects of communication with customers using Synerise allows AZA Group.
With Synerise’s help, Minimalism implemented complex business scenarios that significantly improved the customer experience throughout the shopping process, from the initial website visit to finding an item that matched the customer’s expectations to make the final purchase and further customer activation.
Marketing Investment Group is unleashing the potential of the Synerise platform to personalize experiences for millions of customers in over 10 countries in Central and Eastern Europe
Thanks to the implementation of the Synerise platform, Orange now offers its clients not only a more positive shopping experience but also flexibly responds to market challenges and achieves the goals contained in its strategy.