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Process automation

Automate customer journeys based on events, enrich and synchronize data between all of your systems
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Webhooks integration

Start any business process by sharing data about specific activities with external systems
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Journey analytics

Monitor the results of all activities in prepared scenarios in a handy analytical panel. Use this data for understanding and optimizing the process
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Intuitive journey builder

Create a scenario using a simple drag and drop tool, set triggers, conditions and actions.
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Complex system with easy integration

Connect extensive systems with ease thanks to elastic workflow integrations.

Cutting-edge features

Powerful, self-serve product and growth features to help you convert, engage, and retain more users.

Empower Your Marketing Strategy

Craft dynamic segments and conditions, to target your workflows with precision. Utilize our advanced templating language to access personalization possibilities and propel your marketing to new heights.

Simplify Data Transformation & Processing

Efficiently communicate with customers while seamlessly transforming data to meet your needs. Design user-friendly workflows that download, modify, and import data into Synerise or export it to external platforms. Improve your data skills to fuel your growth.

Plug-and-Play Integrations

Save time with our vast library of predefined integrations. Create seamless workflows and transfer data to leading platforms like BigQuery and Azure Blob Storage.

Automate Your Business Operations

Optimize internal processes with our robust automation framework. Develop workflows that monitor, report, and alert on marketing activities, enhancing your operations' efficiency.

Custom Integrations & Low-Code Solutions

Build bespoke integrations with external solutions using our Outgoing Integrations framework. Experience the freedom of low-code and no-code communication with external services.

Experiment & Optimize

Test different customer journeys and communication strategies with fully customizable A/B tests.

AI Time Optimizer for Perfect Timing

Reach your customers at the perfect moment, maximizing conversion rates.

Elevate Your Business Automation

Automate both customer journeys and internal processes. Create workflows that alert or report results with our Automation platform.

Hyperpersonalization for Engagement

Leverage the powerful Jinjava templating language with Synerise Automation to transform data and personalize communication like never before.