Las Tijeras Mágicas - Boosting sales with AI

Our client experienced a remarkable 10% sales growth after switching to Synerise and implementing our AI Recommendations.


Las Tijeras Mágicas was founded in 2006 as a family business specialising in the supply of high quality sewing, knitting and crochet materials. Over the years it has become a leading player in the Spanish knitting and crochet market, working with over 150 brands. While still growing in the Spanish market, the company’s international site also enjoys a loyal customer base. In the last 12 months alone, Las Tijeras Mágicas has achieved an impressive turnover of around 6 million euros and has successfully shipped orders to 63 different countries.


1. Convert more with better e-commerce personalisation

Las Tijeras Magicas was not new to the concept of personalisation and was using a popular product recommendation and customer retention platform, but the company was looking for a more comprehensive and flexible solution with more advanced AI.

2. Grow customer base

The client needed to rapidly grow its customer base of registered newsletter subscribers, as email marketing is one of its key business drivers.

3. Educating customers about tech solutions

The client needed to automate and improve all email communications. Content was personalised with relevant product recommendations. New automations were implemented to recover abandoned carts and encourage repeat purchases.

4. Build real time analytics

Another need was to improve web analytics. The client wanted to track the online behaviour of all users and monitor the effectiveness of the scenarios and campaigns implemented.

Selected solutions

Synerise collects in real time every user interaction with the brand on each of its channels (web/mobile/email). Not only does it capture browsing events (page views, clicks, transactions) or campaign interactions (dynamic content, popups, forms, opens, displays or clicks on email recommendations), it also incorporates “metadata” within each event, valuable for enriching AI engines and performing advanced segmentations. The ability to A/B test any campaign on any channel facilitates experimentation with different content, rules, audiences or recommendation strategies, allowing Las Tijeras Mágicas to validate hypotheses, measure results in live streaming and make data-driven decisions that help improve sales.


The collaboration with Las Tijeras Magicas developed gradually by incorporating more solutions into the client's website. The client's strategy was built around the implementation of additional product recommendations on the website and their constant monitoring, as well as a focus on researching the client's needs. As part of our cooperation we have developed the following solutions:

  • AI recommendations on the website,
  • Recommendation with propensity to buy,
  • An exit pop-up,
  • Abandoned basket and repurchase automations.
"Since using Synerise, our sales have skyrocketed, outperforming our previous provider. Synerise’s AI engine, with its exceptional personalisation capabilities, has been key for us. Its ability to treat each user as an individual and deliver exactly what they want is a clear advantage and a key differentiator for us. The outstanding feature is the ability to customise and segment each campaign, from tailored emails to fine-tuning website elements such as banners, pop-ups and product recommendation frames for each customer."

Saúl Soler, CEO, Las Tijeras Mágicas

Selected results

  • +10% increase in sales
  • 21% of people buy recommended products
  • +30% newsletter open rate
  • +50% more subscribers


Together we have been able to take the Las Tijeras Magicas e-shop to a new level of personalisation. Customers enjoy a better browsing and shopping experience. This collaboration is a great example of how data-driven marketing and AI tools can drive business results. The client will now roll out Synerise solutions to sites in new markets. Italy is next!