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Real-time data processing

Use a lightning-fast proprietary database that delivers results in real-time, allowing you take advantage of every opportunity at scale
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Advanced metrics

Use the most important suggested KPI's or create your own based on the needs and goals you want to achieve
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Churn analytics

Uncover why your customers want to leave and improve client retention by predicting and reducing churn
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AI-driven segmentation

Create behavioral segments, compare them with each other and draw deep conclusions for the future
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Custom reports

No matter what your analytical needs, generate reports in seconds thanks to a drag and drop campaign report creator

Cutting-edge features

Powerful, self-serve product and growth features to help you convert, engage, and retain more users.

Efficient Decision-Making

No more second-guessing! Our analytics engine enables you to make smart, data-based decisions quickly, so you can spot and fix potential problems before they grow.

Precise Targeting

Easily create reusable client segments to reach the right audience at the ideal moment. Maximize the impact of your marketing campaigns and optimize resource allocation by focusing on the individuals who matter most to your business.

Accurate Dashboards and Reports

Create fully customizable dashboards that exhibit your KPIs with clarity. Obtain a holistic view of your data and generate actionable insights with just a few clicks.

Metrics, tailored to Your Needs

Monitor your main performance objectives with our user-friendly, advanced metrics. We simplify success tracking, so you can focus on growing your business.

Predictive Data Trends

Harness your data's potential through our trend analysis and histogram tools. Gain foresight and make data-driven decisions based on a profound comprehension of future possibilities.

Efficient and Reusable Analytics

Experience major cost savings and smoother workflows with our reusable analytics. Increase efficiency and boost profits by applying these insights across multiple channels.