Behavioral Data Platform

Get access to breakthrough insights, provides predictive modeling capabilities and allows users to turn data into actionable outcomes.
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Omnichannel data centralization

Connect all owned data, from mobile and web to physical stores, and enrich it with third-party data for a more detailed customer profile.
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Real-time data processing

Use a lightning-fast proprietary database that delivers results in real-time, allowing you take advantage of every opportunity at scale
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Unified 360 customer data

Understand your customers better with a 360 unified customer profile that tracks and stores historical behavior, including product views, purchases and marketing communication.
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AI-driven segmentation

Create behavioral segments, compare them with each other and draw deep conclusions for the future
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From raw data to campaign execution

Transform raw data into the best possible customer experience by using their preferred communication channels and tactics that work.

Cutting-edge features

Powerful, self-serve product and growth features to help you convert, engage, and retain more users.

Data behind every activation

The best strategists are those who can draw conclusions from the past. Become one of them - build campaigns based on the historical behavioral data of your customers and watch how you achieve your own business victories.

Two way API connection

Almost unlimited capabilities allow you to connect any data you need to the platform or send it directly to your existing systems.

GDPR compliant

The Synerise ecosystem is 100% compatible with the provisions of the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR).

Flexible imports and exports

Import any historical data directly to a heterogenic real-time database in a few clicks.

Custom attributes

Use customer attributes you already have or create completely new ones for better data and client management.

Advanced performance measurement

Fully configurable and responsive reporting options containing pre-made templates suitable for the most important KPI’s.