Web Push Notifications with New Action Buttons

We are introducing an enhancement to our Web Push notifications - the addition of the two action buttons. Now you can engage your customers more effectively and increase the impact of your Web push messages including direct links.

The main benefits:

  • Direct call-to-action: Direct calls to action increase the likelihood of interaction in notifications. Action buttons serve as clear prompts for users to take immediate action.
  • Easy Set-up: Configuring buttons is a simple, only two-step process that allows you to set button text and links to create a variety of campaigns.
  • Personalised: Synerise collects and processes data in real-time about the entire user journey leading to interaction with the button. This enables the creation of personalized notifications with buttons that can lead to customized lists, order surveys, or promotions for products that the user is currently interested in.
  • Effectiveness measurement:  Gathering data on the entire user journey, from message display to button presses, allows you to understand what people are responding to and improve message content, display timing and future notification design.

Personalized & Automated Communication

The use of action buttons in web push notifications allows campaigns to be tailored to users' current preferences and behaviours, as well as effectively integrated across multiple communication channels to ensure a consistent and engaging experience.

  • Campaign diversity: Web push notifications with action buttons make it easy to implement personalized campaigns based on our AI engine, analytics results or customer context. This enables scenarios such as sending promo codes or redirecting customers to products they are interested in. The personalized content can also be displayed after the customer clicks the Web push button - you can redirect them to the personalized listings or survey results. The only limit is your imagination.
  • Context-based and Real-time data calculation: Web push notifications with action buttons can be contextual and tailored to the customer's current behaviour. Our real-time data calculation allows you to display notifications based on what your customer is doing. For example, while they are browsing a clothing category, you can send them a promo code notification.
  • Various scenarios: Action buttons can be used in a workflow as part of a larger marketing scenario. The trigger can be any action performed by the customer, such as making a purchase, adding a product to favourites, or displaying an email.
  • A/ B tests: The ease of setting action buttons and their wide range of uses encourages experimentation. You can test what really resonates with your audience by creating different versions of message content and measuring what converts best.

Analyze like a pro

The analytics module can enhance the potential of action buttons by measuring the performance of notifications.

  • Advanced analytics: In Synerise you may analyze the notification displays, action button clicks or data from A/B testing and the customer behavior after clicking the notification. Analytics can also track a customer's journey from notification to purchase.  

With the use of our analytics module, you can answer questions such as:

  • How long did your customers spend on your website after clicking the notification?
  • Did they perform the purchase?
  • What products were they interested in?

Discover our Use Case's

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We hope you enjoy our inspiration of the week!