Unveiling the latest Synerise Template Builder enhancements

We are constantly enhancing the capabilities of our template builder to provide a smooth and user-friendly experience that will translate into the development of the most creative and functional communications. Today, we'd like to present a compilation of some of the improvements that have recently been made to the template builder. These improvements are already available for immediate use.

Before we dive into all the novelties, here's a quick reminder of what the refreshed template builder is capable of.

The refreshed Template Builder, available in In-app messages and Dynamic Content, offers a user-friendly interface located in the Config tab that simplifies the process of editing and customizing templates. Once created, a template can be easily reused and tailored to the specific business needs without requiring any programming skills. It replaces manual coding by providing a form where you can specify variable values to customize properties of the template, including alignment, font, color, title, description, buttons, and other HTML, CSS, and JavaScript elements. Additionally, you can incorporate variables to replace Jinjava elements,  such as recommendation campaign IDs, voucher pool IDs, catalog names, and more.  

For detailed information, see our User Guide and Use Cases.

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What are the new features?

1. Live Preview of a template on the website  

The Live Preview feature is a game-changer, simplifying the testing process and making it easier than ever before to experiment with Dynamic Content (DC). This new solution allows you to preview your dynamic content templates in real time on your website. You can observe the instant impact of any changes you make in DC without launching a full campaign on your target page.  

To preview a dynamic content template, select Live Preview, specify the location on your site where you want to preview the designed content and initiate the preview to see your content in action.

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2. Generating live preview of dynamic content campaigns with QR codes

We have taken it a step further and created another option for you to generate a live preview in a more convenient way on your mobile device. Now you can generate a QR code next to your live preview link. This means you no longer have to manually type or copy long URLs on your mobile device to see the results of your efforts. Scan the QR code and instantly open the preview link without any hassle!

All further improvements apply to the template builder in both in-app messages and dynamic content.

3. Possibility to group variables in the template builder

This improvement greatly enhances your ability to navigate through all variables, making it easier for you to group and categorize them according to any custom parameters.

4. Preview with viewports

This feature delivers real-time preview of templates on different devices. By allowing you to visualize the template's appearance on multiple devices, you can ensure a smooth and optimized user experience across different screen sizes and resolutions.

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5. Code preview with rendered variables

This functionality provides a convenient way to quickly identify and fix any inaccuracies or errors in the code. By displaying the code along with the rendered variables, the feature streamlines the debugging process, allowing you to pinpoint and resolve problems easily.

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Exciting email template updates are on the horizon! Don't miss the upcoming improvements.