Streamline your data management with our new Data import feature

We recognize the significance of an efficient data import process, which undoubtedly plays a crucial role in effective data management within Synerise.  

Our powerful Automation module enables you to perform various types of imports that can be freely customized to meet your specific business needs. To enhance your experience further, we are expanding the data import capabilities with a simple and intuitive Import wizard. This addition will make the process of importing data even more enjoyable and convenient for you.

Key advantages of the new solution

  • Intuitive user interface: Data import offers an intuitive and simplified user interface that guides you through every step of the import process. This eliminates any guesswork and ensures a smooth import.  
  • Predefined automation workflows: Our solution provides predefined automation workflows that simplify the preparation and execution of planned recurring imports or data exchanges between platforms.

Introduction to Data import

You can easily import different types of data, including profiles, transactions, and custom events, into Synerise using the Data import function available in our Data Management module. This feature allows you to quickly transfer data from external sources that are prepared and customized to meet Synerise's data requirements.

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For more detailed information on each available data type, refer to our User Guide. Each article focuses on a specific data type and provides comprehensive requirements to ensure the successful completion of the selected import.

What are the available methods for data import?

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Depending on your needs, the type of data you want to import, and the source from which you want to import the data, you can choose the most suitable solution for you from the following available options:

  • Import local file - This method allows you to upload a .CSV file from your device.
  • Import in Automation – If you want to create a recurring import of data from an external source or need to transform your data, this option is an excellent choice. By selecting this option, you will be redirected to a predefined template designed specifically to simplify your workflow creation.

Explore our latest use cases!

Check out our new use cases that explain basic import scenarios for each data type.

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