Refreshed Mobile Push Builder

Today we want to share with you our latest updates to our Mobile Push Builders, designed to streamline your mobile campaigns and enhance customer engagement through personalized and dynamic push notifications.

Our latest updates bring a series of improvements aimed at providing you with the tools you need to create more impactful mobile push campaigns.

Mobile Push Builders Upgrades

Improved Preview Functionality: The preview feature has been revamped, offering a clearer and more accurate representation of how your messages will appear to recipients. This ensures your campaigns look exactly as intended before going live.

Jinjava Preview: Jinjava preview feature enables real-time previews of messages with Jinjava code, ensuring personalized content and dynamic elements display correctly. This allows you to select any customer from your CRM  and preview how personalized messages - such as abandoned cart reminders or tailored product recommendations - will appear specifically for them, allowing insight into which products will be featured in the message.

Custom Configuration forms for code Editor: We've introduced a feature where you can create straightforward, user-friendly forms for each template in the code editor. This design allows anyone, regardless of their technical background, to edit templates with ease. You can adjust "technical" details without directly editing the code simply by filling out a form tailored to your needs.

Refreshed Layout: The push editor's layout has been updated to provide a more intuitive and user-friendly experience, enabling you to design and deploy campaigns faster and with greater ease.

General enhancements

Template Library

We've developed a common library for all types of mobile push templates, making it easier for you to find and utilize the perfect template for your campaign.

Enhanced Template Accessibility

With the ability to link directly to any template and the integration of our search engine, you will find the template you are looking for with just a few clicks.

Use Cases ideas

To help you get started, we've prepared a set of use cases that demonstrate how to leverage the refreshed Mobile Push Builder for popular business scenarios, including Abandoned Cart, Price Drop, and Back in Stock notifications. These examples are designed to inspire and guide you in creating effective campaigns that drive action and engagement.

We also encourage you to check other use case scenarios available in our extensive Use Case library.

Important Note

Please note that we've relocated some functionalities to in-app notifications. Mobile push now supports simple and silent notifications, while other scenarios like Banner, Walkthrough, First Run, and Mandatory Upgrade are now exclusively managed within in-apps. This shift allows for a more focused and effective use of each notification type, enhancing the overall user experience.

Below, you will find examples that demonstrate how you can use in-app templates for mentioned scenarios.

1. Banner

2. Walkthrough

3. First run

4. Mandatory upgrade

Want to learn more?

For detailed instructions and best practices on utilizing our new Mobile Push Builder, please refer to our User Guide.