New integration with Vonage

We would like to announce our latest integration with the SMS service provider - Vonage.

Vonage differentiates itself as an SMS service provider through a distinctive approach to communication. Thanks to the implemented SMS queuing system, they are characterized by high efficiency and quick delivery.

Benefits of using the SMS channel in Synerise

  • Personalized inserts: Using the SMS channel, we can customize content with inserts tailored to each user's individual preferences, such as their name, loyalty program points, or recommendations for specific products. This makes communication more modern and effective.
  • Automation and Advanced Paths: The ability to automate processes and incorporate SMS messages into advanced automation paths allows for the delivery of more targeted and personalized messages. The system responds in real-time to any customer behaviors, delivering the most personalized message accordingly.
  • Deliverability and Efficiency: The SMS channel ensures efficiency, the ability for quick SMS delivery even to a massive audience, and ease of configuration.
  • Analyze like a pro: This feature enables the creation of advanced analytics, allowing thorough analysis and subsequently sharing insights with other tools such as Google Analytics and others.

How to integrate?

The integration process is simple and consists of three steps:

1. Create an account on Vonage. If you want to learn more information about this integration and its principles and requirements, please read our documentation.

2. Configure a connection. In the Settings -> Apps & Services section, create a connection by selecting Vonage from the list and entering the access credentials from your Vonage account.

3. Create an SMS account. Go to Settings -> SMS and create a sending account. Define required fields including the sender ID obtained from Vonage and save the changes.

For more detailed information on integrating with Vonage, please refer to our documentation.

Check the documentation >

Discover our Use Cases!

Discover the benefits of using the Vonage integration and get inspired by our Use Case's that will help you effectively use SMS communication channel.

Personalized SMS with a discount coupon

Create an engaging campaign with a promotional code that grants a specific user a designated value – in this case, a discount on purchases.

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Dynamic SMS campaign with promotion at customer's preferred stationary store

Use the SMS channel to effectively inform your customers about upcoming or ongoing promotions in both online and offline stores. Dynamically change store names, locations, and other relevant details.

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Personalized SMS campaign featuring the recently viewed most expensive product

Add interactive content to your message, such as a specific product or discount, to encourage the customer to complete the purchase.

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We hope you enjoy our inspiration of the week!