Latest enhancements in Predictions module

Today, we wanted to share with you some recent improvements that will make your experience with our Predictions module a bit smoother. Take a moment to explore these updates with us, and see how they can enhance your daily workflows.

Streamlined Custom Predictions Creation

Creating custom predictions has never been easier! We've expanded our template library and introduced a simplified creator for custom predictions. This user-friendly tool guides you through the entire process, making complex predictions a breeze in just a few simple steps.

Additionally, you can now specify the prediction target using a segment, eliminating the need to create extra rules, aggregates, and expressions.

Improved Scratch Mode

We've made some improvements to the "Scratch mode" in Predictions creation. Now, you can select specific events to consider as input to your prediction, greatly simplifying the once complex process of selecting features. You have the control to easily highlight the events essential for your predictions, and our system takes care of the rest of the analysis.  

Unified Default Overview Dashboard

Enjoy a consistent experience across all types of Predictions with our unified default Overview dashboard. Quickly check metrics such as lift and gain or create segments of interest effortlessly. No matter what type of model you use, you'll have a consistent dashboard view that offers a quick and comprehensive overview of your prediction results.

Add Analytical Dashboards to Predictions

We've added the possibility to include customizable dashboards in the Statistics Tab of the Prediction Module. This allows you to monitor your crucial KPIs with higher precision. Create and handle custom dashboards in the Analytics module, fine-tuned to your unique requirements. After adding these personalized dashboards to the Statistics tab, you can conveniently access all relevant predictive model information from a specific prediction level.

Dive into the improvements and enjoy a smoother analytical journey with our latest enhancements!