Improved Model Handling and Prediction logs

We are happy to introduce new features to streamline your work with Predictions. These features enable you to efficiently handle your predictions, allowing you to easily monitor your calculations, identify and resolve potential issues, and get a deeper understanding of the predictions performance.

Why were these features created?

- Intuitive visuals and progress tracking for better UX,

- Detailed error and warning explanations for efficient troubleshooting,

- Evaluation metrics and comprehensive logs for improved decision-making,

- Easy-to-share logs for streamlined collaboration,

- Proactive measures to identify and correct potential issues at early stages.

What are those features?

  • Preview the stages of each activated prediction
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We have developed a "Stage bar" to help you track the progress of the activated prediction. So now you have an easy access to the status of each stage of the prediction pipeline.

  • Prediction logs management
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For each prediction, a new "Prediction Logs" tab has been added. This tab displays the final states and reasons for the most recent 10 model runs.

Each of the logs contains additional information that gives more insight into their progress. This information includes the stage the prediction is currently at, the progress of the prediction calculation expressed in percentage, the duration of the current calculation, and the date and time the process started in the stage.

You can copy logs and share them with relevant parties for your convenience. This enables you to have a smooth collaboration and ensures that everyone is up-to-date on the current state of prediction.

  • Error and warning handling
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To create an effective prediction, it is important to have a sufficient amount of high-quality data that meets the requirements necessary to run the particular type of prediction. However, if your data does not meet these requirements, you may encounter some difficulties. To address this, we have developed effective communication messages to quickly identify any errors or potential risks that may impact the quality of your predictions. This will enable you to react quickly to any inaccuracies that may appear to ensure the best possible prediction result.  

These errors and warnings cover a wide range of situations and can be seen from both the listing and individual prediction levels.

For more details on managing predictions, check out our User Guide.

With the new functionalities, prediction management has become even more intuitive and convenient to use. Take advantage of them now to create predictions that will lead to remarkable business outcomes!