Improved connectivity in Automation framework

At Synerise, we prioritize the seamless exchange of data between systems, and our extensive Automation framework is at the heart of this process. We are continually expanding our array of integrations with the most popular tools and platforms in the market. All of this is aimed at simplifying the process of building data integration with Synerise while ensuring optimal efficiency. 

One of the challenges in such a case is the efficient and secure management of credentials. In response to this challenge, we have unified the authentication mechanism across all integrations available in the Automation module. 

Instant Connections

Under this solution, all credentials are securely stored in the created Connection, simplifying the authentication process with the selected tool. 

Furthermore, a unified authentication approach reduces the workload and frees up more time for creative tasks. With the option to reuse created Connections for each integration type, you'll encounter fewer repetitive steps when configuring subsequent workflows. 

We prioritize what matters most

Using Connections means not only effective management but also maintaining the highest security standards. While we protect your data, you can focus on developing new and creative business scenarios. 

For existing workflows with the former authentication mechanism, all changes have been migrated and are fully transparent.

Learn more about how to manage new Connections in our User Guide