Improve the quality of your item feed

You are probably already familiar with the Item consistency and Feed import health check features that we have introduced in the AI engine configuration on our Core platform. We are glad that many of you have found this feature extremely useful and have incorporated it into your daily work.

However, if you haven't had a chance to familiarize yourself with this update yet, don't worry! Today we will explain the essence of this functionality, giving you the opportunity to make the most of it. So let's dive into the details!

The role of item feed in AI campaigns performance  

Item feed is the main source of information on all items. Therefore, maintaining high-quality item feed data is crucial to overall campaign performance. By ensuring the accuracy and reliability of item feed data, you can optimize campaign efficiency, leading to better outcomes.

How does the new feature help sustain data quality in the item feed?

Using this new feature, you can easily assess the consistency of your item feed with item-related events (page.visit, product.view, and transaction.charge). This means you can identify any discrepancies between the items present in these events (which are produced based on your site/app data) and the items listed in your item feed.

Access to this information allows you to quickly detect and address three types of issues:  

- identify items that are present in events but not present in the item feed,  

- identify items that are in the item feed but do not appear in events,

- identify items that cause the most problems.

By resolving these discrepancies, you can improve the quality of your article data. With improved item data, you can optimize your AI campaigns by making sure they accurately reflect all items in your offerings. This, in turn, leads to higher customer satisfaction and ultimately increases your company's revenue.

What elements make up this feature?

In each item feed, you will find the "Status" tab, which contains two sections: "Item Consistency" and "Import Status".

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In the "Item Consistency" section, you can check the consistency of items between item-related events and the item feed. Check our User Guide to learn more about the data types available in this section.

"Import status" is only available if you use Google Merchant Feed directly instead of importing item feeds to a Synerise catalog. In this section, you can check the import status, assess the XML files and view the dates of the last fetch/import. In addition, the section includes a summary of any fetch/import errors encountered, along with possible reasons for these errors. This allows you to easily monitor and resolve any problems that may arise during the import or fetch process.

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The provided statistics from both sections are updated during feed updates or can be updated manually on demand. In addition, you have the flexibility to select the desired time range for their analysis based on specific periods of interest.  

More detailed information on monitoring feed statuses can be found in our User Guide.