Global Control Group

We're releasing an update that not only simplifies but also speeds up campaign launches. Dive into the enhanced experience with the Global Control Group feature in Synerise, offering you easy configuration and precise insights.

Understanding Global Control Group: Why It Matters

A global control group is a defined group of customers excluded from receiving your messages by default. This feature allows for accurate evaluation of your business strategies. When activated during message distribution, it facilitates a clear comparison of how the message affected recipients who received the message through various communication channels and those in the control group who did not.  

Key benefits

Real-time calculation: As your audience evolves, so does the percentage of the control group, recalculated on the fly when the campaign is sent, ensuring accuracy and precision in reaching the right audience.

In-depth analysis: When you send a campaign with the control group excluded, even if customers in the global control group meet the campaign's recipient criteria, they won't get the message. Instead, an event is recorded on their profiles, noting their global control group status. This data serves as the foundation for creating detailed analytics, allowing you to accurately measure the effectiveness of your campaign.

Transparent visibility of percentage layouts: The percentage of the control group is transparently showcased in both settings and campaign views. This provides a straightforward way to monitor the global control group's share in the total target audience for your campaign.

Automated control: Forget the hassle of toggling settings every time! The system automatically activates or deactivates the Global Control Group for each communication channel based on your choices configured in the settings. You can also easily opt out of the Control Group for specific campaigns with a single click, enabling broader communication such as, for instance, sharing store regulations.

How it all works: Configuration process

1. Segmentation creation: Form a group of customers by creating conditions that conform to specific business criteria, shaping a global control group. You can freely choose the global control group based on your segment settings. The power of the segment lies in its full flexibility. However, this requires a clear understanding of your objectives. Make sure that your integration creates a distinct attribute for a specific group, such as 10%, designating them as part of the global group using automation, for example. Once the segment is established, you can effortlessly measure the size of the control group in real-time relative to the total audience.

2. Specify Campaign Preferences: Once you've set up your segment, decide which campaign types should automatically include the global control group. Currently, it's available for email, SMS, web push, and push messages (soon for in-app and dynamic content campaigns too). Once you enable the control group for selected communication channels, it will automatically be included in messages sent through those channels. You can always disable it directly from the campaign level if needed.  

3. Advanced analytics: Leverage the event generated by the global control group mechanism to create insightful analysis. With our Analytics module, the possibilities are endless. Analyze data effortlessly, comparing results across channels while taking advantage of all available features. This powerful tool allows you to comprehensively measure campaign performance and make well-informed decisions with confidence.

For more detailed information on how Global Control Group works, check out our User Guide.

Explore the simplicity and efficiency of Synerise's Global Control Group configuration today!