Drag & Drop builder in Dynamic Content

We're introducing a drag & drop builder for Dynamic Content (DC) campaigns - the ticket to easy and enhanced campaign creation.

Key benefits

1. Leave code frustrations behind: Gone are the days of struggling with code editors and coding skills. Whether you're a coding pro or completely code-phobic, you can now effortlessly create stunning Dynamic Content campaigns using our intuitive drag & drop builder.

2. Save time for what truly matters: By streamlining your campaign creation process, you'll have more time for those imaginative and creative tasks that truly make your campaigns stand out.

3. Greater configuration flexibility: Dynamic Content builder's wealth of features provides you with the flexibility to tailor your content precisely to your needs. Create engaging, personalized content in just a few clicks, speeding up the delivery of targeted messages to your customers.

What are the key functionalities that take your DC campaign creation process to the next level?

Quick access to HTML blocks you already love

Remember those trusty HTML blocks you used to create stunning email templates? They've just become your new best friends in dynamic content creation.

You can easily access our library, containing a rich collection of pre-designed HTML blocks developed for various business scenarios.

Whether you want to add contextual recommendations, personalized recommendations, or products based on recent interactions, we've got it all covered!

With just a few clicks, you can effortlessly insert these predefined HTML blocks into your DC campaigns. What may take a few seconds will have a great impact on the performance of your campaigns.

But that's not all! We recognize that every business has a distinct identity - that's why we put the power of customization in your hands. You can create your own personalized gems that perfectly fit your business needs, save these custom HTML blocks in your library and integrate them seamlessly with any Dynamic Content template.

Preview like a pro

Our Preview Context feature empowers you to visualize your Jinjava elements within each selected HTML block.

Witness how changes will reflect in the final campaign without the need for their live implementation.  

Quick and easy testing

We believe that testing should be quick and painless. Our Live Preview feature embodies this belief. With the Live Preview Wizard, you can witness a dynamic content campaign come to life in real-time on your website without having to launch it. Preview it as a web layer or inserted object with just a few clicks, making sure it meets all expectations before going live.

A real time saver!

JavaScript editor

Want to fine-tune your campaign even more? Use our JavaScript editor to create distinctive dynamic content tailored to your business requirements.

For more detailed information on how to use the basic drag & drop builder in Dynamic Content campaigns, check out our User Guide.

Need more inspiration?

Have a look at the Use Case in which we describe the process of creating a dynamic content campaign with personalized recommendations using drag & drop builder and predefined HTML block.

Take advantage of the drag & drop builder capabilities in dynamic content and see how it will simplify your daily work. Get ready for more updates as we are working on new improvements that we guarantee you will absolutely love!