Discover the Top 5 Most Visited Synerise Use Cases

At Synerise, we are focused on providing the most innovative solutions to help you achieve your business goals. We are constantly expanding our use case database to meet your needs in realizing the full potential of the collected data and succeeding in today's dynamic business environment.

Our use cases provide real-world examples of how Synerise features and functionalities can be applied to specific business scenarios, enabling you to optimize your marketing strategies and grow your business.  

This time, we want to present the 5 most visited Synerise use cases. Whether you're a seasoned user or just starting with the platform, these use cases demonstrate the wide range of possibilities Synerise offers and can inspire you to create new business scenarios within your organization.

So, let's take a look at these use cases right away!

1. Send customer segments to Custom Audience on Facebook

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This use case demonstrates one of the Synerise integration capabilities with Facebook, which shows how to send customer profile data to Custom Audience on Facebook. The integration process is straightforward, allowing you to maximize your customer knowledge and use it for your specific needs in third-party tools.

For more information on other Facebook integrations, check out our User Guide.

2. Email with products from an abandoned cart

This use case helps you recover lost sales by identifying and engaging users who abandon their shopping carts on your website. By sending personalized emails or push notifications, you can encourage customers to complete their purchases, thus increasing your revenue.

3. Send RFM score to Google Analytics

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This is another use case that illustrates the flexibility of Synerise in terms of integration with third-party tools. The scenario described in this use case shows how you can send the results of analyses created in Synerise to Google Analytics. In this particular use case, we are sending the RFM score results.

You can find a detailed description of building RFM analytics in this Use Case.

4. Google Spreadsheet Integration

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At this point, you’ve probably noticed that use cases related to the integration capabilities are very popular among Synerise users. This use case is no exception. It shows a workflow configuration that sends daily information from Synerise to Google Spreadsheets about the number of transactions made on the current day, enriched with information about the date of sending this data.

Another powerful integration that allows you to send any type of data collected in Synerise to the Google tool.  

5. Send data from Microsoft Azure Forms to Synerise  

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This use case showcases the integration between Microsoft Azure Forms and Synerise. In this scenario, submitting a form containing three fields (name, surname, and email address) launches a workflow that creates a customer profile or updates an existing profile with identical credentials.

It's amazing to see how these use cases have caught the attention of so many visitors! But don't stop here - take your business to the next level!

Our use case database is full of even more exciting and inspiring ideas that will spark your creativity. Discover new possibilities for your business scenarios today!