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General information - pop-ups

Our goal is to always provide services at the highest level. That is why SYNERISE S.A. websites use cookies that are saved in the browser's memory. Cookies are small text files that are automatically created by the web browser when you visit a website. Information in a particular cookie file can be read only by the website from where the cookie file originates. This means that the website does not have access to other files on your computer. You can configure your browser to block cookies or delete them. You can read more about this subject in our Cookies Policy, where explain in more detail why we use cookies. Remember that if you block cookies, you will unfortunately not be able to use (completely or in part) many functionalities on our website. Using our services and not changing cookie settings constitutes consent to our Cookie Policy.

How we use cookies in our online services

Our websites use cookies, which are files that contain various pieces of information. They are saved in your browser when you visit a website.

Thanks to cookies, websites can:

  • access ourservices
  • adapt the operation of the website to user preferences
  • analyze the most frequently visited pages of the website and user behavior
  • measure the effectiveness of ads and customize the message to specific recipients
  • improve the efficiency of services and website functionalities

Types of cookies

We use the following types of cookies:

  1. Necessary cookies – These are necessary for the use of our services and their functions. They also ensure security and support your session. Without them websites could not provide many services. These types of cookies do not collect information for marketing purposes.
  2. Analytics cookies - These collect information about how services are used. They check, for example, which pages of a website are visited most often and whether any errors occurred. The origins of traffic to the site can also be tracked using analytics cookies.
  3. Advertising cookies – These cookies are used by both the site owner and external suppliers. They allow sites to adapt the content to a specific recipient. They are used to run marketing and remarketing campaigns. The files store information about how you use our services. They remember that a particular user visited a website and what that user did while there. The information collected in this way is also sent to external suppliers with whom websites cooperate.

Cookies stored on your browser are registered in our systems and combined with your other data.

How long cookies are stored in a browser

Cookies are divided into two kinds:

  1. Permanent files - These will remain in your browser until you delete them yourself or when the time specified in the cookie file parameters expires.
  2. Session files - These remain until you close the browser, exit or log out of the website. These are primarily necessary cookies.

Detailed information about what files we use and the identities of our trusted partners can be found later in this material.

Who uses cookies on our pages and for what purpose

These cookies can be divided into permanent and session:

  1. Owner of the service – SYNERISE S.A., registered in the District Court for Kraków - Śródmieście in Kraków, XI Commercial Department of the National Court Register under the number 0000468034 with its registered office in Kraków, ul. Lubostroń 1, 30-383 Kraków.
  2. and:
Company Purpose of access to cookies
Google Ireland Limited Measure internet traffic, adapt our advertising message to a specific audience, and measure the effectiveness of marketing activities

A detailed list of cookies on the website

Name of cookies Type of cookies Purpose
_snrs_p permanent Used to save the client UUID, time of first visit, time of last visit, total number of visits, number of views per session, length of session and number of sessions
_snrs_uuid permanent Unique variable customer identifier
_snrs_puuid Unique permanent customer identifier
_snrs_sa Used to measure session length, quantity, start time - contains the time of visiting the website / starting the session.
_snrs_sb Used to measure session length, quantity, start time - contains the time of exiting the page / end of the session
_snrs_notify_capping Set when the number of dynamic content views is defined.
_snrs_notify_capping_{X} Set when the number (limit) of dynamic content views is defined and the limit expiration time. {X} variable corresponds to dynamic content ID.
_snrs_notify_delay_{X} Set when dynamic content has a display delay. {X} variable corresponds to dynamic content ID.

How to disable cookies

Most browsers allow you to use and place cookies in them by default. You can set your browser to warn you that it is trying to service a cookie. You can also completely block cookies. Unfortunately, you will not be able to use (completely or in part) our functionalities and services.

If you want to change the settings that apply to cookies, see your browser's instructions:

Google Chrome