Yes says “yes” to Synerise

New personalization technology supports sales at the busiest times.


For nearly four decades, YES has been cultivating its ability to design jewelry that is both timeless and contemporary for the Polish market. This desire to constantly innovate and create prompts YES to offer original collections that reflect the experience, style and spirit of the times. By remaining an industry leader, the company sets communication trends. Thanks to the skillful use of the latest technologies, YES continues to strive for perfection and provide an exclusive shopping experience both at and in each of nearly 160 YES stores throughout the country.


1. Issues with Online Tools:

YES experienced difficulties with their online sales tools and communication channels. The lack of integration in these systems made it challenging to achieve a streamlined approach.

2. Data Consolidation Challenges:

They encountered complications while attempting to consolidate data from various sources, which led to difficulties in creating clear and concise reports.

3. Optimizing the Purchase Experience:

YES was in search of a more cohesive solution to analyze customer behaviors, enhance their loyalty programs, and tailor their promotional activities.

Selected solution

YES selected the Synerise platform, which uses data and Artificial Intelligence to help companies respond better to customer needs. Synerise supplies automation, business intelligence and personalization tools for real-time communication, regardless of the scale of operations.Synerise collects data on the activity of both anonymous and registered users on the website and uses that information to perform dynamic scoring and AI segmentation while creating displays with personalized product recommendations. Artificial Intelligence is also used in the search engine (AISearch Autocomplete). The Synerise platform also provides tools for saving abandoned carts, sending email and push communication, and is responsible for handling the YES Club loyalty program.

Cooperation with Synerise

On the YES side, about a dozen solutions available on the market were analyzed, and three suppliers were qualified for final negotiations. Among other reasons, Synerise was chosen to manage both brands in the YES portfolio (YES andVerona) because of their experience in working with other large companies.The trust gained during testing resulted in the implementation being carried out in the most crucial sales period for YES, before Black Friday and Christmas.

"Christmas is the most important sales period of the year. New technologies are not usually tested then, but we decided to trust Synerise. The results have been fantastic, especially for our customers, who received extremely tailored offers at key moments. Quick integration, great support and a wide range of functions all allowed us to achieve all our goals, not just sales."

Filip Kensbock, E-marketing Specialist, YES Biżuteria S.A.

Selected results*

  • 4 million identified clients with marketing consents (PL, CZ, SK)
  • 32 million events tracked daily
  • 50% growth - almost 50% growth quarterly in personalized campaigns on the website
  • 10% increase in conversion on the cash loan form thanks to dynamic content creations (implemented using Synerise)
  • 31.5% increase in investments on top sales yearly, from campaigns based on Synerise leads
  • 100 personalized automation process that generates sales leads
  • 60% in the number of leads generated by Synerise

* To precisely define the profit generated by Synerise campaigns, mBank provides A/B/X tests and sends campaigns using the control group.


With Synerise’s help, mBank implemented complex business scenarios that significantly improved the customer experience, presenting precisely targeted communication and personalized recommendations for customers using different touch points with the bank.

Synerise provides information on the most frequently used and necessary features of the bank’s systems with an impact on the roadmap of end applications and improved conversion of customer acquisition forms.

Synerise platform also helped in the acquisition of new customers through scenarios of abandoning information pages and observation of anomaly detection in banking systems.

All in all, access to the analytical platform for bank analysts and business employees in real time, enabling any in-depth analysis and formulation of strategic conclusions for the product and communication with customers.