Marketing Investment Group personalizes customer experience

Marketing Investment Group is unleashing the potential of the Synerise platform to personalize experiences for millions of customers in over 10 countries in Central and Eastern Europe.


Marketing Investment Group (MIG) has been rapidly expanding its presence in the footwear and apparel markets in Central and Eastern Europe for more than 30 years now. It operates a chain of more than 450 stores, implementing fashion concepts in Sizeer, JD, 50 style, Timberland, Umbro, New Era. It is also a distributor of many popular footwear brands and a producer of its own brands, including Confront and Up8. As of March 2021. MIG is partially owned by JD Group.

Synergizing efforts across online and offline channels is key to understanding customers, building loyalty, engaging communications, and improving metrics. Omnichannel brings some challenges for those running single-brand sales. When there are many brands and millions of customers, and the network operates in more than a dozen countries, customized solutions are needed. MIG chose an end-to-end platform from Synerise, which not only collects data on all customer interactions in one place, but also provides a range of possibilities for its use across different communication channels.


1. Centralize customer data across brands in multiple markets.

2. Increase the power of personalization:

Creation of a single loyalty programme for their brands.

3. In search of innovation:

In the areas of combining sales and marketing activities in online and offline channels.


Marketing Investment Group has chosen the Synerise ecosystem as the basis for its next generation loyalty program. At its heart is the collection of data from all points of contact between the end customer and MIG brands. With access to real-time data, each customer receives personalized content in the communication channel most relevant to them. Loyalty mechanisms work to increase customer engagement, while advanced analytical capabilities allow quick conclusions, behavior prediction, and instant optimization of marketing and sales activities.

Implementation process

The implementation is ongoing. MIG appreciated the strong commitment on the part of the Synerise team and the organization of work, including daily status (daily scrum), weekly scheduling, workshops, and the flexibility to adapt to current needs, including in the development of dedicated solutions outside the main functional scope of the platform.

MIG, a company with vast experience in its industry, needed a solution tailored to its needs. Business goals and functional requirements were defined, followed by a detailed analysis of the market and available solutions.

"With the help of Synerise, even the most demanding omnichannel scenarios can be implemented quickly and with relative ease. Creating dedicated solutions internally would be far more costly and time-consuming. The platform is extensive and provides a range of tools from CRM, through marketing automation, to advanced analytics, providing valuable knowledge about customer behavior. The implementation of Synerise has brought significant process improvements and a noticeable difference in the speed and quality of communication with customers."

Łukasz Szała, Key Projects Manager at MIG

The effects of cooperation with Synerise

  • Integration of multiple customer communication tools in one place
  • Reduction of handling time for individual campaigns
  • Implementation of more complex business scenarios
  • Increasing the effectiveness of the results of implemented campaigns
  • Quick and accurate analysis of the effects of implemented campaigns


Thanks to the Synerise collaboration and platform, MIG has received a full spectrum of knowledge about customer behavior, more service options, and rapid outreach with personalized communications.

The data analyzed by Synerise covers customers from more than a dozen countries, and the platform handles millions of inquiries every day. It can segment, analyze and execute marketing automation scenarios in real time. Integration with the point-of-sale (POS) also opens up opportunities for new omnichannel scenarios.

From Synerise’s perspective, the collaboration with MIG brings tremendous knowledge and further ideas for the development of the ecosystem. We are pleased that the new store concepts created and operated by MIG also benefit from Synerise’s solutions.

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