The client’s optimal purchasing path - cooperation between and Synerise

Accurate prediction of trends for the retail industry, quick implementation of innovative solutions and precision in constructing unusual purchasing experiences allowed to gain the trust  of their customers on a global scale.

Client is a leader in the online sales of footwear, handbags and accessories in Central and Eastern Europe. For years, it has been consistently implementing a business strategy based on the development of online channels and their integration with offline channels, creating an innovative style of stationary stores. The company has won numerous awards in the category of the best innovators in the retail industry. enjoys high trust among its customers, who appreciate the pro-consumer approach and care for every detail in the purchasing process. Particularly noteworthy is the innovative equipment of salons and the flagship project, which allows users to scan their feet in 3D in stationary stores or 2D using a mobile application.


1. Managing Expanding Data Volume:

Due to their dynamic growth in the European market, new private labels, and the launch of their own e-commerce platform like MODIVO, there was a significant challenge in processing and handling the constantly increasing volume of data.

2. Optimizing Customer Experiences in Real-Time:

The company needed a centralized system, a Customer Data Platform, to gather all information about customer behavior.

Solution appreciated the flexibility and potential of the Synerise platform, which has become one of the tools supporting the company in their digital transformation process. Thanks to the integration of data on user behavior in one place and the possibility of managing it in real-time, provides the customer with a shopping experience tailored to their preferences and needs. The use of artificial intelligence is responsible for better matching of messages in the case of recommended products, dynamic content, email campaigns or sending sms / mobile / web push notifications.

The decision to cooperate was looking for a technological partner who, above all, could meet ambitious goals and understand the importance of innovation and service development. The decision to choose Synerise was mainly influenced by the flexibility and very wide possibilities of using the platform, which perfectly matched the needs of the omnichannel strategy.

"We have learned that the Synerise team is able to meet our expectations and often surprise us with their open-mindedness and propositions of unconventional solutions, which are especially important to us."

Bartosz Sosulski-Paczkowski, Head of Marketing Automation, S.A.


Synerise has been supporting the activities of the retail industry for many years, both in Poland and on foreign markets. The main goal of the company is to provide easy access to solutions based on artificial intelligence that will accelerate their digital transformation and increase operating revenues. used the existing experience of Synerise in managing projects for the e-commerce industry.

The Synerise ecosystem provides unique knowledge about customers based on the analysis of data from each touch point with the company. It creates individual profiles and dynamically segments groups of recipients to deliver highly personalized messages through multiple channels.

Thanks to these solutions, Synerise customers have a real impact on increasing the retention of their customers, which directly translates into the achievement of sales goals.