Yes says “yes” to Synerise


With Synerise



The Market leader in jewelry for women category.


Yes is a Polish company that designs unique jewelry that is both timeless and contemporary, and it boasts 160 brick-and-mortar stores across Poland.




Issues with Online Tools:
YES experienced difficulties with their online sales tools and communication channels. The lack of integration in these systems made it challenging to achieve a streamlined approach.
Data Consolidation Challenges:
They encountered complications while attempting to consolidate data from various sources, which led to difficulties in creating clear and concise reports.
Optimizing the Purchase Experience:
YES was in search of a more cohesive solution to analyze customer behaviors, enhance their loyalty programs, and tailor their promotional activities.


AI product recommendations on the site based on behavioral and scoring data
Support for the YES Club loyalty program
Scenarios for increasing customer loyalty and retention
Christmas is the most important sales period of the year. New technologies are not usually tested then, but we decided to trust Synerise. The results have been fantastic, especially for our customers, who received extremely tailored offers at key moments. Quick integration, great support and a wide range of functions all allowed us to achieve all our goals, not just sales.
Filip Kensbock
E-marketing Specialist, YES Biżuteria S.A.


increase in sales in the key month of December
unique customer groups from RFM analysis
increase in the average basket with recommended products