Seamless Customer Journeys: How Orange Unlocked Omnichannel Potential with Synerise 

Orange Polska is a leading telecommunications service provider, present in all segments of the sector. It has the largest telecommunications infrastructure in Poland, offering voice and data services on both fixed and mobile networks. Orange serves over 20 million accounts, with more than 17 million active SIM cards. Customers have at their disposal almost 700 brick-and-mortar stores throughout Poland, as well as the convenience of using the intuitive website and a dedicated mobile application.

Since 2018, Orange Polska has been collaborating with Synerise to revolutionize the customer experience. They are integrating all available communication channels. It creates an extraordinary connection between the offline and online worlds, forming a cohesive and seamless omnichannel communication.

There are many ways to connect with customers, so maintaining balance and control between all communication channels becomes crucial. This is why, in collaboration with Orange, we are introducing advanced solutions, enabling an environment where a purchase process started in the brick-and-mortar store - can be continued at home. All this without losing the history of the steps taken at the point of sale, while attributing a given transaction to the specific salesperson who was responsible for starting it in the store.

Challenge: Connecting the successive purchase process steps, starting from contacting customer service or visiting the Orange brick-and-mortar store to finalization on the website or in the customer app.

14% of customers completing the online path

Imagine the scenario: a customer visits an Orange store and expresses interest in an offer. The salesperson presents the details and, together with the customer, processes the sale by filling out a form in the Orange service panel. However, the customer decides to reconsider the terms and conditions and return with a final decision.

Orange, with its comprehensive 360-degree service, aims to provide customers with the most convenient path to purchase possible. The Synerise platform shortens this path while tracking the source of the transaction. It also registers all participants in the sales process who influenced its realization.

In the Consultant Panel view, during customer service, there is an option to send full information regarding the purchase in question by email. This feature enables the customer to complete the purchase process directly at at a later, more convenient time.

This way, the offer created in the store or during a call with customer service can easily be forwarded to the customer. There's no need to go through the entire process again in the online channel.

However, a question arises. Who is responsible for finalizing the transaction in this situation? By tracking each event in the path to purchase, Synerise can assign the employee who supported the customer in the initial sales phase. This helps finalize the purchase online. Each event is sent to Orange, allowing verification of the involvement of offline and online channels, and Orange can reward customer service employees, motivating them to use this solution in the future.

"In implementing an omnichannel strategy, we strive to design solutions that will, in the customers' perception, blur the line between in-store and online shopping. This translates into a better customer experience throughout the entire purchase journey and higher conversion in the sales funnel. With the Synerise platform, we can achieve all of this, also benefiting the consultants assisting in the finalization of online transactions."

- Dariusz Lewczuk, Head of Online Communication Personalization and AI Department at Orange

How does it work in practice?

By placing tracking codes in the consultants’ platform, Synerise can analyze the traffic in this environment while simultaneously mapping standard actions that may occur in standard use cases, such as an abandoned cart. The entire path is based on the Automation module within Synerise and an adequately prepared Dynamic Content campaign implemented on the consultant's cart page. An important aspect is the proper data reporting to Synerise about the consultant and the person to whom we want to target the message.

From a development perspective

"The consultant is presented with a component that enables them to have a conversation with the customer and register their email address to send an offer. An event is sent to Synerise containing the customer's email address and details on the chosen products. Next, the workflow checks if the customer already exists in our database and if their email address matches what is saved in their profile. If not, such an email address is updated to maintain data accuracy in customer profiles. The next step is to send an email to the customer using a specially prepared template containing detailed information about the selected products and an additional personalized offer. The templates include redirects to the final purchasing stage, significantly shortening the path the customer must take to buy the product."

- Grzegorz Popis, Digitalization and Omnichannel expert at Orange

Challenge: Using visits to Orange brick-and-mortar stores as an opportunity to download the mobile app

26% in monthly acquisition in human channels of activations assisted by the functionality

The Orange app allows users to manage their account, make purchases in the online store, use personalized offers, and resolve any issues related to orders, complaints and services. It also enables contact with customer service. Not all users are using it yet. Orange integrates its stores perfectly with the mobile app, creating a coherent omnichannel strategy.

To increase the number of app downloads, Orange decided to use its stores as a natural place to solve customers' problems and make purchases. The consultant can see in their Panel whether a customer has downloaded the mobile app. If the customer does not have the app installed, the consultant can, with a single click, send a message with a link to download the “Mój Orange” app. They can choose between SMS and email channels or opt for both simultaneously.

During the conversation with the customer, the possibility of installing the app is immediately presented, allowing assistance with registration and logging in on-site.

How does it work?

Synerise provides the consultant with a real-time full view of the customer's data and information about their behavior in the app or on the website. This also includes information about whether the customer has an active “Mój Orange” application. The entire process is based on Automation in the Synerise platform and relevant Dynamic Content.

The consultant can check whether such a message has already been sent by another consultant, for example, during a call with customer service or in another Orange outlet. This approach not only relieves the stores from the burden but also provides customers with a range of services and options they can deal with on their own using a smartphone at any time - eliminating the need to visit the store in person and saving their time.

"The innovation demonstrated by Orange is a source of great satisfaction. With scenarios based on the customer path, the Synerise platform demonstrates its flexibility and the potential of automation and analytics, which ultimately impact the customer experience. This synergy between the platform's adaptation to Orange's needs and the creativity of the solutions implemented allows us to deliver perfectly tailored services to Orange's customers in the right place at the right time."

- Natalia Kulak, Head of Customer Success Poland at Synerise

Orange's strategy leverages touchpoints between offline and online channels, and with the help of the Synerise platform, every customer interaction is tracked. This is extremely important in a broader customer approach (360-degree service), where individual purchasing preferences matter. The ability to choose and adapt the right channels or their proper combination provides flexibility, which ultimately makes the customer feel more taken care of and satisfied with the purchasing process. For Orange, this is crucial not only for operational reasons but also for appropriately attributing transactions and motivating and rewarding the sales staff in stores and customer service for their contribution to the sales process.