Satisfaction Survey Automation: How To Conduct Surveys And Get Real Time Results

Survey Data Automation - real-time customer satisfaction and growth opportunities with Synerise + SurveyLab integration for CCC

Collecting and analyzing customer feedback can be a time-consuming process – especially if you’re still doing it manually. It can also be challenging to process large amounts of data from different sources and combine them for better business results.

If you want to streamline your customer feedback process and get actionable insights faster, read on to learn more about how CCC Group, one of Europe's largest footwear companies, automated the process of collecting responses and reporting the results of its surveys.

Each customer's opinion is invaluable if we are constantly improving the quality of service, especially at a scale such as 950 outlets in 28 markets.

At CCC, customer satisfaction or dissatisfaction is attributed to their purchase history in real time, so that after a purchase we can send a personalized message to customers, inform them of the available size, color or assign them a discount code.

On the other hand, in an organization as large as CCC, survey data allows for continuous improvement of point-of-sale service. And all in real time.

A survey is assigned to a sales point and then reported to the region/network. This approach allows for quick and efficient coordination of sales improvements regardless of the location of the point of sale. And it allows the customer to feel heard on the subject of their opinion.

CCC Journey

Marketers at CCC know the value of customer feedback. They have extensive experience in this topic through the CCC loyalty program.

Surveys are an important channel for a business to listen to their clients’ needs, they help to understand the target audience: what they want, and how they feel about your brand. But there are more benefits to them.

It all starts in the brick-and-mortar store - a loyalty club member makes a purchase, and a transaction event triggers a message with a dynamic link with custom parameters to the survey itself. These parameters store such vital information as customer ID or store ID. When the survey is completed, an event complete with these custom parameters is sent to Synerise, and all the information about the transaction and survey responses is stored in the customer's profile.

Automate survey data with Synerise + SurveyLab integration

All thanks to SurveyLab with their tool, integrated with Synerise, which premise is to facilitate the process of creating professional and custom surveys.

With this easy integration:

  • sending surveys can be triggered automatically based on a specific event, as in the case of CCC - when a transaction is made at a brick-and-mortar store,
  • responses are collected and stored in customer profiles in Synerise, enabling real-time data analysis.

SurveyLab offers managing the appearance and behavior of the survey, combining results from various sources such as Email, SMS, WWW, Web Widget, Popup, QR Code, Mobile App, Facebook, Twitter or from their mailing system. The system automatically detects the type of device and screen size and adjusts the survey template, it creates graphical reports available in real time and allows analyzing survey results directly in SurveyLab.

The integration is quite simple but allows us to send data quickly and efficiently to the Synerise Platform.

How does this work?

SurveyLab provides their API (Application Programming Interface) that allows you to easily exchange data with Synerise. Use the universal API to retrieve information about surveys, questions and answers collected as well as the custom event and its parameters. On the Synerise side, a dynamic link is built with up to eight custom parameters and the survey link itself. Those parameters can have names tailored to individual customers’ business needs. After finishing the survey an event is sent to Synerise, and it is supplemented with those custom parameters.

Integration with Synerise offers a great option to enrich customer behavioral profile and create various analytics and automation paths based on the gathered information. This can help you make better decisions about your marketing strategies, improve customer engagement by finding out what your customers want and need, and use this information to create targeted marketing campaigns that boost your sales. You can also use the data to generate various analytics reports, helping you to identify areas where the customer experience can be improved. In addition, Synerise's automation capabilities make it easy to take action on the feedback you've gathered, ensuring that your customers always have a positive experience.

The gathered data is sent to Synerise as events which are the basic input used for analyses and further actions, they can be seen in the customer’s profile activity list with their parameters and optional description. Events of customer behavior can be used in analytics which can be further used to filter and boost recommendations, build more responsive communication scenarios, create more personalized offers, or better loyalty programs.

You can also segment your survey results by different criteria, so you can get more granular insights into your customers’ needs and preferences.

What's more?

Online surveys, like satisfaction surveys or contact forms, have a great value not only for marketers but can also be used in market research, HR, UX, enriching customer behavioral profile, testing knowledge, and many more.

SurveyLab - a fast-growing solutions-based company with 12 years of experience, offering professional and flexible online survey software for 85,000 registered users. It provides access to one of the most extensive online survey panels, with over 250M panellists in 150 countries. It has all the required features for conducting excellent quality research and even more. What sets them apart and is an advantage is their dedicated customer support and on-demand development for their clients.