Cross-promotion campaigns with Synerise

In the ever-changing e-commerce environment, companies need to adapt their operations to new realities to grow their business and keep sales flowing. Many companies are looking for the best ways to attract new audiences and increase brand awareness of their products in the online world, and one of the most effective actions, in this case, turns out to be cross-promotional campaigns. Let's explore the potential of implementing cross-promotion campaigns with Synerise.

What are cross-promotional campaigns?

A cross-promotional campaign is used when reputable companies with common interests that are not competitors join forces to promote their brands' products or services. In most cases, these companies have similar audiences, which makes the whole collaboration even more attractive and engaging, as both can reach their potential customers in a more credible way using the right offer.

This marketing strategy has worked around the world for many years because such collaborations are infused with the sharing of new knowledge between companies, exchanging ideas and best practices when creating a joint campaign, making the end product of that campaign even more powerful and providing wonderful results.

What are the main benefits of such type of campaign?

Cross-promotion campaigns bring tons of benefits for advertisers due to the amplification of ad budgets and the cross-selling effect. When using the power of partnership, you can get the best results possible. Here are a few examples:

  • Growing your audience
  • Increasing brand awareness
  • Lowering advertising costs
  • Boosting sales
  • Improving company reputation
  • Offering new experiences to the customer

Want to find out how you can leverage the capabilities of the Synerise platform in implementing cross-promotional campaigns quickly and intuitively across all your channels? Let us see it using the example of a cross-promotional campaign for two complementary brands, which are a chain of clothing stores and a beverage manufacturer.

Main objectives of the campaign

The aim of the campaign is to increase traffic and brand awareness of the promoted products in the target group of companies while emphasizing the lifestyle context of brand positioning with the mutual use of the partner's image and positive brand reputation.

Campaign scenario

1.    While purchasing a beverage product customer receives a unique code that can be further used in the clothing company’s web or mobile application,

2.    By registering the code, the customer has two options: to take part in a lottery in which a drawing is held every day and selected people receive prizes from the limited collection available in the clothing store, or they can receive a guaranteed prize by registering their code, which is a discount coupon for a certain amount,

3.    The discount is granted in the form of points in the loyalty program of the mobile application,

4.    The customer can redeem the discount coupon or use the points for other promotions.

Main challenges

  • The cross-promotional campaign should be linked to the loyalty program running on the Synerise platform,
  • Each user can receive only one discount code,
  • Protection against possible fraud related to the conversion of codes into points,
  • All interactions with users during the campaign must be analyzed in real time.

Synerise Solution

1.    Uploading promotional codes to CRM

In order to launch the campaign, it is necessary to transfer the pool of all promotional codes that will later be granted by the beverage company for use in the clothing store loyalty program to the Synerise CRM.

More information about discount codes and voucher import can be found here.All these codes can be used across different communication channels, depending on your strategy and current business needs.

The developed mechanism for sending codes from the app and verifying them in Synerise can also be used in the future for other business scenarios. Once configured and implemented, the scenario can be further used and rebuilt for other campaigns.

2.    Integration of mobile app with Synerise

With Synerise's mobile SDK, you can avoid time-consuming development work and perform such integration quickly and easily. To learn more about Synerise's mobile SDK, visit our Developer Guide – Android SDK and IOS SDK.

3.    Create promotions for selected products

With the Synerise Communication module, you can create a promotion for a selected group of products targeted to a specific audience. In order to create such a promotion at the very beginning, it is necessary to define the segment for which the promotion will be valid. The segment can be defined in any way, depending on the current business needs. You can also define basic settings related to the design of the displayed promotion. Moreover, it is possible to configure various types of limits related to the conditions of the promotion display and its duration.

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For more details on all the requirements and procedures related to promotion creation, please refer to our Help Center.

4.    Creating custom events

To keep track of all the different steps, custom events were created to allow the campaign to run correctly. What kind of events can these be?

The following custom events are included in the list of implemented events:

·      task.checkCode – an event is sent to CRM from the mobile app with the task ID and the code entered by the customer. Upon receiving this code, CRM checks to see if the code entered is in the list of codes that have been previously sent to CRM and if the customer has previously burned any points from this code.

·      task.success – if the code entered is in the list of existing codes in CRM, a task.success event is generated in the customer profile, and another custom event points.loyalty.task is created as a result of the automation, awarding X loyalty points to the customer. Code burning is noted in the pool.

·      task.failure - if the code is invalid, or has already been fired, or the client has already received points for this task, a task.failure event is created in CRM.

Event names are customizable, so you can add your own names depending on your analytics or business needs. For more detailed information on events, event parameters enrichment, and more, see our User Guide.

5.    Create an automation process for the overall process

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Properly built automation is one of the key elements that make up a cross-promotion campaign. The logical setting of individual steps facilitates many processes that make up the campaign. With a single automation system, we can create multiple paths linked to each other with specific conditions that allow, for example, to check if the customer received a promotional code, to assign the code under the condition that it was not sent earlier, to send an appropriate message in the form of a mobile push to the customer when the customer completes the various steps, and indeed the possibility of integration connections enabling communication between Synerise and the loyalty program in the mobile application.

You can find a lot of useful information about the Automation module and workflow creation in Synerise User Guide.

6.    Mobile push communication

It is very important to maintain close contact with the client at every stage of the campaign to ensure that the client is well informed of all campaign terms and can see the results of their individual actions.

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That is why the company decided to send mobile messages to customers who followed these steps:

  • Redeem their code,
  • The code is already used,
  • Points have been accrued.

You can check out how to create mobile pushes with Synerise here.

7.    Analyse campaign results

At the end of the campaign period, you can use the Synerise Automation module to check the assumptions set at the beginning of the campaign, checking for example how many codes were burned, how many users decided to convert that code into loyalty points to use in other promotions.These and other analyses of interest to you can be easily created, analyzed, and clearly presented using Dashboards.  

What are the main benefits of using Synerise in this type of campaigns?

  • Manage your entire campaign from a single platform, without committing additional resources and costs,
  • Quick implementation of any advanced business scenario,
  • Full control over distribution and code-burning in brick-and-mortar stores,
  • Effective integration of cross-promotions with already existing customer loyalty programs,
  • Real-time analysis of customer behavior during the campaign and detailed summary of the results of implemented campaign activities.