Cloning recommendation campaigns across workspaces

We’re thrilled to introduce the expansion of our cloning capabilities to AI recommendations. From now on, you can clone your recommendation campaigns, including all types, filters, and sections, between workspaces.

Why this feature is so useful?

The cloning feature is a breakthrough for those working in a multi-workspace environment, where companies often operate diverse workspaces dedicated to specific markets.

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You can easily duplicate recommendation campaigns from one market/ brand to another workspace dedicated to different markets/ brands in just a few clicks, while also maintaining all created dependencies and data mapping. This feature is eliminating the need for time-consuming manual transfers, allowing you to channel your energy toward unleashing your creativity in building captivating campaign strategies.  

What are the key advantages of using this feature?

  • Streamlined campaign management: The ability to easily move recommendation campaigns between workspaces eliminates repetitive work and saves your valuable time. This feature simplifies campaign management for multi-brand or multi-branch companies, enabling efficient work organization and coordination.
  • Increased productivity: By avoiding the need to re-create campaigns from scratch, you can optimize your productivity and focus on other critical aspects of your campaigns.
  • Scalability and flexibility: The cloning feature offers incredible flexibility for customers with multiple workspaces to customize and expand their campaigns, allowing them to effectively scale their outreach efforts to multiple markets.

Where to begin the cloning process?

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To ensure a successful cloning process, there are several prerequisites to keep in mind. One of the basic requirements is the assignment of appropriate user roles with specific permissions necessary for the smooth cloning of objects between workspaces. To get a full understanding of all the prerequisites, we recommend referring to our User Guide.

This detailed resource provides step-by-step instructions covering various scenarios that may arise during the cloning procedure.

Start optimizing your recommendation campaigns across multiple workspaces today!